Postcards from Italy

Collective work; each of participant artists from the Aips collective were asked to take field recordings in their own respective cities and areas, which were then redistributed amongst the group on an anonymous basis in order to be reworked and processed. The resulting multifaceted sonic snapshots of the Italian peninsula will be the first official release of Aips’ new Oak Label.
Presented live at Cafè Oto (London), Spazio O’ (Milano)


Alberto Boccardi – “Fingers”
out – October 2014
Important records/Cassauna Series
Monotype rec/Catsun
Video by Fatima Bianchi
Performer Annalisa Deligia

La stella ha pianto blu

“La stella ha pianto blu”
Mash up video with clips by Masbedo
Director: Francesca Amati
Music: Alberto Boccardi
Editing: Francesca Amati
The work has been selected by Rome Factory Fest 2011
Produced for the second phase of Romaeuropa Webfactory videoart contest 2011

Noon’s Sleep

“Noon’s Sleep”
Short movie, presented at the 6th International Streaming festival, Amsterdam 2011

9 Rounds

Trailer of “9 Rounds”, a film by Gabriele Shome Cipolla
Director: Gabriele Shome Cipolla
Camera: Gabriele Shome Cipolla
Assistant: Glenda Petrosino
Direct Sound: Yuki Flavia Bagnardi
Sound Artist: Alberto Boccardi
Year: 2011